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3, 2, 1… let the countdown begin! Five beauty items to consider for the year ahead.

Posted by Veronica Greene on

3, 2, 1… let the countdown begin! Five beauty items to consider for the year ahead.


The New Year is fast approaching and for many is bringing with it new hope, new projects and new excitement.

Many people also see a new year as a new beginning and an opportunity to change their look and to feel more confident. Here are five items that are our go-to for looking and feeling great!

  1. Eyes (mascara) – here we like the Voluminous mascara from L’Oreal. This is a very inexpensive way to make your lashes look like a million. The mascara goes on very thick, creating lots of volume and makes the lashes longer as well. This one sells through many retailers including Ulta beauty and has a very reasonable price tag of $6.50-$10 depending on where you purchase
  2. Eyes (liner) – here we again go the very modestly priced route with NYX Epic Ink Liner. What we love about it is the precise tip and just the right amount of moisture. This allows for line precision and an even color distribution. Bonus point – the brand is cruelty free. The eyeliner retails for about $7-$9 depending on the retailer.
  3. Eyebrows – we love the Chanel sculpting eyebrow pencil. It comes with an eyebrow brush and is available in five shades ranging from light blonde to dark noir. This one is at a higher price point of about $29-$33, but the consistency and color precision is, in our opinion, totally worth it.
  4. Lips – here we love our own VG Brand lipstick. There are two consistencies and five shades to choose from with each one helping to make your teeth appear whiter. $19
  5. Breath – talk about boosting confidence! Great breath can take you far in life, and it’s even better when it comes in tasty flavors and upscale packaging such as our VG Brand line up. Easy to carry, easy to use, easy to enjoy! $16

We want to wish you and your families and beautiful Holiday season and a healthy and joyous 2022!

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