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3 things to look for in your oral care products

Posted by Veronica Greene on

3 things to look for in your oral care products

With the endless myriad of oral care products on the market, it’s easy to start questioning every ingredient in terms of its value and benefits to health versus possible harm.

As a doctor I am consistently asked about various ingredients in toothpastes, mouthwash and breath sprays.

After trying many oral care products myself and looking at the labels I have come up with three important factors to consider:

This is one of the most common active ingredients in toothpastes and over the counter mouthwash. Fluoride is an ingredient naturally found in soil and certain foods. It is also added to drinking water in many US states. Countless studies have shown the benefit of small amount of fluoride as caries (cavity) prevention.

Tooth decay is one of the most common health problems affecting children, and adding fluoride to the municipal water supply is a simple and effective way of preventing it.

In excessive amounts, however, fluoride can cause problems with bones, teeth (fluorosis) and neurological development.

As a dentist I have seen the affects of fluoride free tooth pastes, which is rampant decay in various parts of many teeth.

I would never advocate for fluoride free toothpaste, especially considering the toothpaste gets thoroughly cleaned from the mouth after brushing.

I would, however never advise any fluoride containing breath sprays.

Breath spray, such as VG French Golden Pear, is meant to freshen breath and create a feeling of a clean mouth for hours. It’s also meant to be safe if swallowed. Couple that with beautiful and easy to carry packaging as well as amazing taste and you have a winner breath spray!

These are preservatives widely used in beauty products as well as some oral care products. They help to stabilize the product, thus preventing it from denaturing (spoiling) over a long period of time.

Though it has not been proved, parabens have been suspected of possibly facilitating breast cancer as they mimic Estrogen, a female hormone.

As breath spray, such as our VG Black Currant, may potentially be swallowed, we aimed at making them as safe as possible. Thus – No Parabens!

Cruelty Free 
Numerous companies develop their products with use of animal testing in which various animal species, such as dogs and mice, experience horrible cruelty and are sacrificed for research. As someone who loves animals, I would never allow any of our products to be developed with use of animal experimentation. Our brand worked closely with all manufacturers to ensure no animals would be used in any of our product development. The result is creation of amazing products, such as our VG Blood Orange and Ginger breath spray, with absolutely no guilt!

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