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5 Factors to Consider when choosing a Breath Spray

Posted by Veronica Greene on

5 Factors to Consider when choosing a Breath Spray

Let’s face it! Our breath is one of the first things people notice about us during an interaction. Bad breath can have a negative effect in business and also be an immense turn off during a romantic encounter.

But what are the actual parameters by which we should evaluate our breath spray? Here are a few attributes that can make your breath spray (and your breath) an absolute winner!!

  1. Clean – since the spray is going in your mouth, always check that it contains only clean ingredients. Though there are no official guidelines on which ingredients are harmful, there have been multiple lists of ‘banned ingredients’ compiled by multiple outlets. We have our own list that is very comprehensive and we stand by avoiding all ingredients on it. For more information and to see our list, take a look here: Clean and Sustainable – Veronica Greene Brand (veronica-greene.com)
  2. Sustainable – while clean ingredients are safe to use in the human body, sustainable ingredients are the ones safe for our planet. All ingredients (and packaging) of the spray should be harmless to Earth. Above all, your breath spray ingredients should never be tested on animals.
  3. Easy to carry – the packaging should be small enough for the ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle. It should be easy to hold, simple to use and should easily fit in a purse. Our VG Breath Sprays do exactly that!!
  4. Flavor – most companies place emphasis on mint. We, at VG Brand, prefer more unique and exotic flavors.
  5. Effectiveness – after all, the spray is supposed to make your breath feel fresh and clean for as long as possible. The secret behind the VG Spray effectiveness is our proprietary technology that places the ‘cleaning ingredients’ into tiny nano globules which burst over time, making the freshness last longer.


As Spring approaches, and we show off our smiles more and more, it’s important to sport a set of pearly whites. To keep your teeth brighter and to prevent staining, we recommend rinsing with water after every meal and brushing at least twice a day.

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