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5 Items To Carry In Your Purse At All Times

Posted by Veronica Greene on

5 Items To Carry In Your Purse At All Times
Purses come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small and very elegant, while others are bulky but very functional. Some are perfect for the night on the town, while others are useful for a boardroom or that business lunch. What makes them equal? Here are five items you should carry in your purse at all times:

#1 An awesome shade of lipstick
And we mean awesome! A shade that makes your face come alive and is universal enough for day or night. We recommend our VG Coral Rush for that WOW factor. Appropriate for day yet super glamorous for the evening. For a softer look, try our Rose Garden, while for deep drama, the Va Va Vixen is pure perfection.

#2 A foldable hairbrush
This can be a small comb, usually recommended for fine hair or a slightly larger brush for a thicker mane. A few quick strokes, and you have that instant irresistible salon glam!

#3 A carry size vial of your favorite scent
Anything from spicy and fruity to gourmet and floral. As long as it compliments your body chemistry, it’s a must-have! Most importantly, your perfume should be in a small vial for that ‘on the go’ convenience.

#4 A small vial of breath spray
This is the most important. From conversations with colleagues in the office to sweet whispers in close quarters, fresh, clean breath is your number one asset. We recommend the VG Blood Orange and Ginger for some spice or French Golden Pear for gourmet romance.

#5 A small tube of hand lotion
From shaking hands to holding them, smooth, soft skin is a huge commodity. We recommend a scented lotion that compliments your perfume or breath spray.

These five items can prove to be invaluable for any woman. What do they have in common? They are all easy to carry and user-friendly ‘on the go’ products that can make you irresistible in a matter of minutes.

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