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5 Items to pack when flying in 2020

Posted by Veronica Greene on

5 Items to pack when flying in 2020

In the last year, the world has experienced a fundamental shift in the way we view socializing, interacting with others, watching our health, and traveling.

The airline industry has made extensive changes in flight schedules, seating arrangements, and mask requirements on flights.

If you choose to travel, whether essential or not, here are the top five items we recommend to bring with you on the plane:

  1. Mask – we can’t stress this enough! Whether you are flying to or from a state with mask requirements, a mask will likely be required to board the plane. Some airlines are now banning passengers who refuse or fail to wear a mask. In terms of safety, a triple layer mask, may be one item standing between you and a possibility of infection. We recommend a surgical triple layer mask with loops that are short enough to provide a snug fit over your nose, mouth and chin. These usually come in light blue color and have adjustable wiring to fit around the nose.

  2. Breath Spray – after all that breathing into a mask for the entire flight you may feel a change in your breath. A freshening and tasty breath spray is very rejuvenating for the mouth. We recommend our Pear, Orange Ginger or Black Currant sprays. More flavors coming soon – Stay Tuned!!

  3. Disposable Gloves – hand rails, luggage, door handles… You are likely to be touching multiple surfaces before, during and after your flight. Airports have thousands of people go through them on daily basis, which means you can’t be too careful. A pair of disposable gloves can save the day.

  4. Hand Lotion – after your flight we recommend removing the gloves and thoroughly washing your hands. It’s likely that from gloves and soap hands will become dry. A moisturizing and highly absorbent lotion can save the day.

  5. A really awesome lipstick – wearing a mask on your flight, as well as in public places means your lips are constantly in contact with it. We do not recommend wearing lipstick under the mask. When the mask finally comes off, using a great moisturizing lipstick will do wonders for your lips (and likely for your mood too!!). Any of our lipsticks will do the job to help you face the day in style!!


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