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9 things you should know about liquid lipstick

Posted by Veronica Greene on

9 things you should know about liquid lipstick

After launching our liquid lipstick product line, I had received a tremendous number of questions about their use in every day life, their color quality, stay power and their overall look.

‘What do they do for my smile?’ and ‘How long do they stay on?’ were just some of the questions sent to us on Social Media and through our website.

Well, here’s a rundown on all there is to know about the Veronica Greene liquid lipsticks and what to look for in a liquid lipstick in general.

1. You only need ONE COAT
Liquid lipsticks have tremendous amount of pigment and you can achieve that opaque lipstick look with only one application. You can certainly use more coats if desired to achieve a more dramatic look, but typically it’s not at all necessary. (Suggested lipstick – Va Va Vixen)

2. They can come in more than one FORMULA
Some liquid lipsticks can have a lot of luster, while others can be matte. The formula is determined by the list of specific ingredients and how they are mixed. The end result is either lots of shine for glamor or a matte texture for a very sophisticated look.

3. The COLORS can range from the softest and lightest, (such as our Sweet Whisper and Rose Garden) to dramatic and glamorous (such as Rock a Fuschia and Coral Rush). Since the base formula for liquid lipsticks is typically preset, it is the added pigment that determines the actual color. Since pigment can range from the lightest rose to deepest blackberry, the liquid lipstick color possibilities are endless.

4. Liquid lipsticks have AMAZING STAY POWER
This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we received about the Veronica Greene liquid lipsticks. Due to there high pigment content you can expect your lips to retain the color day into night. Even when the luster of the lipstick is faded, the color will still be on your pout.

5. Liquid lipsticks can be LAYERED, creating a very unique look
These lipsticks glide on with a lot of pigment, but a lighter look can be achieved by blotting the lips with a tissue. This way your lips will appear to have a stain rather than lipstick. (Suggested lipstick – Sweet Whisper)

6. APPLYING liquid lipstick
The best way to apply is to cover your entire bottom lip first. With Veronica Greene wand it’s very easy, because the wand is flat and has a very precise edge that will make the application more accurate. Afterwards, blot the lips together, then fill in cupid’s bow and any remaining areas. (Suggested lipstick – Coral Rush)

7. The matte formulas of liquid lipsticks are perfect for KISSING
The color in the matte formula is rich, but once it sets on your lips it’s perfect for some intense kissing as the color won’t smudge onto your partner. (Suggested lipstick – Rose Garden and Rock a Fuschia)

8. They will keep the desired SHAPE on your lips
Traditional lipsticks have a tendency to run down your face with rising temperatures. Liquid lipsticks are great at retaining their texture and will stay firmly on your lips in exactly the shape that you outlined.

9. Watch out for MISTAKES! 
Since liquid lipsticks are formulated to stay on your lips all day, there is very little leeway for coloring outside the lines. If you make a mistake you will only have a short amount of time to fix it.  We suggest taking a cotton swab (Q-tip), dipping it into a liquid make up remover and gently erasing the extra lipstick. Then use a tissue to blot away the make-up remover. (Suggested lipstick – Rock a Fuschia)

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