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For that perfect V-Day, 5 gifts for 5 senses

Posted by Veronica Greene on

For that perfect V-Day, 5 gifts for 5 senses

Aww February. Undoubtedly one of our most favorite months, as this is the time of the year to celebrate romance and falling in love. Hooray to Valentine’s Day!

A time for sensual gifts, champagne, chocolate and anything red. It’s definitely a holiday to celebrate all five senses, and in that fashion, we put together a list of some of our favorite gifts to indulge, to feel rejuvenated and feel special. Specifically, this year we’d like to celebrate all five senses and present ideas of gifts that cater to each one.

For the look – definitely try our Coral Rush lipstick. With smooth texture that softens and moisturizes the lips added to the beautiful soft red, it’s sure to make his heart skip a beat.
$19 at Veronica-Greene.com

Scent – one of our most favorite is the Perfume Discovery Set by Aerin. It comes in 7 very unique flavors such as Amber Musk, Mediterranean Honeysuckle, Ikat Jasmine, Wild Geranium and more.
Available in Sephora for $30

For him, a perfect sound – try the sleek and waterproof earbuds from BLXbuds. Not only do they produce incredible sound, but they are also lightweight and comfortable with easy blue tooth set up and come in a case with a built-in battery for the on the go charging.

Touch – we love the Sugar Lemon Bath and Shower gel from ‘fresh’. It’s very gentle on the skin and has shea butter and various extracts. The foaming texture and citrusy scent are simply divine.
$25 at Sephora

Taste – we may be a little bias here, but you simply can’t do Valentine’s Day without a yummy breath spray. This is where our orange, pear and current VG breath sprays are absolutely indispensable.
$16 at Veronica-Greene.com

We hope this list will help to make your V-day special and unforgettable and contribute to celebrating this day of romance in style!

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