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How to enjoy the Holiday Season, guilt free!

Posted by Veronica Greene on

How to enjoy the Holiday Season, guilt free!

Fall is definitely not a season lacking in Holidays. We start with Halloween, continue with Thanksgiving and then move on to the Winter Holidays.

All this spells food, sweets and sugary drinks. For children, especially, this is a very fun and festive time. For parents, it can be a bit worrisome and filled with questions, such as how to protect the children’s teeth.

I always get many questions from my patients around the holidays about dental care for their kids and I am always happy to make a few suggestions.

  1. Do not deny them candy. This may sound counter intuitive, but children love sweets and keeping them away from enjoyment will put a damper on their holidays. Instead, I recommend to simply compromise on the amount. Having too much may affect not only their teeth, but their overall health. Eating a few pieces is ok, provided that your child’s pediatrician has no objections.
  2. If possible, set up specific times of day when the children eat sweets. For example, after a meal or as a small snack. Measuring portions and watching timing will give you more control over the amount and overall routine.
  3. Always teach dental hygiene. With all the sugary foods they are consuming your kids Must (and we mean Must!) practice regular dental care. This includes very thorough brushing twice a day.
  4. We also recommend rinsing with water after each time they eat sweets. While saliva helps to wash away acids, rinsing with extra water will wash any residual particles and any sticky candy (these are the ones that cause cavities the most).
  5. Regular dental check-ups. We recommend at least twice per year. This will ensure that any new cavities are treated while they are small.

We hope this information will be useful to you and your children and wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season 2021!!

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