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Mask Breath Be Gone

Posted by Veronica Greene on

Mask Breath Be Gone

In this very unusual year, we all made adjustments and changes to our lifestyle.

Social distancing and mask-wearing have been an unwelcome change yet are necessary to try to stay healthy.

One big surprise for many has been a struggle to keep a clean and fresh smelling breath under that mask.

Why is our breath worse with a mask?

There are already several reasons why breath can have less than desirable odor. These include lack of proper oral hygiene, eating certain foods like garlic, smoking cigarettes, and drinking alcohol. Now, with a mask, there is an extra source of bad breath.

It’s normal for a mouth to house billions of different bacteria. These help to keep the mouth healthy and aid initial food digestion. These bacteria are divided into aerobic (need oxygen to survive) and anaerobic (do not need oxygen to survive). The anaerobic, non-oxygen bacteria are the ones that produce unpleasant breath.

Usually, we breathe in a certain amount of oxygen when we speak or eat.

Now, enter the face mask, which limits the amount of oxygen we breath in during the day.

This lower amount of oxygen can change the proportion of the bacteria in the mouth, making the anaerobic bacteria dominate, hence the bad breath.

These anaerobic odor-causing bacteria thrive in dark, warm, and moist areas that are devoid of oxygen, which is why our breath tends to be worse in the morning, and when using a mask.

What to do?

  1. More oxygen – no, we are not advocating an oxygen mask. That said, if you are in a private area such as your home, take a few breaths through your mouth to increase the amount of air going in. Just make sure the air is clean and not too cold.
  2. Mouthwash – swoosh several times over the course of the day. This will help to keep the bacterial load in check. We recommend any of our VG Mouthwashes. They don’t just whiten teeth but will freshen your breath as well.
  3. Breath Spray – especially the kind you can easily put in your purse. Any of our VG breath sprays will do the trick. We offer 3 flavors and more on the way!!

While there are a number of reasons breath can have an undesirable odor, there are also a number of ways to combat it.

Wishing everyone clean and fresh breath and to stay healthy in 2020 and beyond.

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