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Trick or treat, but not too sweet: six healthy alternatives to candy this Halloween

Posted by Veronica Greene on

Trick or treat, but not too sweet: six healthy alternatives to candy this Halloween

Whether your children are excited about Halloween or a little afraid of it, it is certainly a very unique holiday full of Jack-o-lanterns, spider webs (albeit cotton ones), skeletons, costumes and, of course, lots and lots of candy.

During this time of year, I get endless questions about protecting the kids (and their teeth) from harmful effects of candy and sweets. I always recommend to indulge them a little. After all, you don’t want to deprive them of fun completely. However, there are plenty of fun and tasty alternatives to sugary candy that are sweet and that your kids will love. Some examples…

  1. Fresh fruit – why not pack their bags with fresh oranges and apples. They are tasty, juicy and are full of vitamins. We recommend little clementine’s, baby apples and small bananas as anything larger could be too much of a weight.
  2. Dried fruit – a very healthy alternative that comes in individually wrapped packaging from a number of companies. Try banana chips, dried apricots, cherries and cranberries.
  3. Mini water bottles – with all the trick or treating (and dry fruit eating), your kids are sure to get dehydrated and thirsty. Little water bottles can definitely save the day. Pick small, plastic or biodegradable, bottles that are not too heavy. The water can be plain or flavored, but should not contain sugar.
  4. Granola bars – a delicious and portable on-the-go snack. These are full of vitamins, minerals and whole grains. Some may have sweets added to them, but usually in small amounts. Make sure to avoid any that contain caffeine.
  5. Fat free popcorn – comes in individual packaging from many companies, is light and easy to carry. Choose ones with a little salt or sweetness for taste.
  6. Plush toys – not an edible treat, but is sure to be exciting and longer lasting than any snack they receive for Halloween.

One snack we do not recommend is nuts. Some children are allergic to peanuts (which are actually legumes), and any nuts in general may be very hard on young teeth.

We do recommend that before you hand out any treats for Halloween, always ask the children if they have any allergies.

At the end of the evening your little ones are likely to be excited and exhausted with many stories to tell. After all the snacking, make sure they brush their teeth before bedtime.

Have a Spooky Halloween and Happy Trick or Treating!!

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