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About Us

The Veronica-Greene Brand was designed and created to take the concept of oral care into the lifestyle and beauty realm.

It brings a strong feeling of romance and luxury by delivering the sensory and emotional appeal to a traditionally monotonous field of oral care.

Created and founded by an NYC based cosmetic dentist Dr. Veronica Greene, the product line brings glamor, luxury, beauty, and excitement while delivering a strong clinical platform.  

The products stand out with strong sensory and emotional appeal through sophisticated presentation, unexpected and exotic flavors, exquisite packaging and smooth texture.



The brand was founded in 2015 and launched in 2018. 

After spending over a decade in the field of dentistry Dr. Greene consistently saw a very strong clinical dominance on the product side of the oral care category. She set out to create her new line that would bring beauty and sensuality to oral care and help redefine the way oral care is seen by a consumer.

Having been born in Europe and raised and educated in New York, she combined her strong love for beauty, elegance and exquisite detail with a clinical education she acquired at NYU and Cornell. This resulted in a creation of a line of products that work hard and feel beautiful.